Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does a session include?

    A typical session with me includes a one hour scheduled session and a gallery of edited pictures (typically about 50-60 images) for you to download for your personal use (including printing and social media).
  • Where do sessions take place?

    Typically, for family or outdoor sessions, I meet clients in public parks throughout the city. For newborn sessions, I usually come to clients' homes. A good location for pictures is one that has a variety of backgrounds/textures, and enough space to walk around to different areas. Some favorite spots for sessions include Schenley Park, Riverview Park, South Park, Point State Park, and Herr's Island Riverwalk. I am always open to new suggestions and new ideas though, and I frequently travel to new spots! My free travel radius is 20 miles OR 30 minutes. Travel fees are incurred for locations outside of this radius. Please note: Starting fall of 2017, North Park is no longer in my free travel radius. I moved to the South end of town recently and North Park is now a 45 minute drive.
  • What should we bring?

    I am always open to all props and ideas from clients! Feel free to peruse Pinterest for ideas and bring any props you may want to recreate pictures. Clients are responsible for bringing their own props, I don't provide any - though I do always have blankets available for pictures on the ground. It is also a good idea to bring a treat or some small bribe to encourage young children to cooperate!
  • When should we schedule?

    Typically I schedule sessions 3-4 weeks ahead of time, though if I am available, I am willing to schedule last minute sessions too! Certain seasons get busier than others, so take this into account when scheduling. Fall sessions (September through November) are the busiest with everyone trying to get pictures ready for Christmas cards! For weddings, I typically book anywhere from 4-8 months ahead of time.
  • When will we get our pictures back?

    I always get a "Sneak Preview" of 10-15 images to clients within a week of their session. The rest of your images (about 50-60 total) will be edited and available one month after the session. For weddings, it typically takes 2-3 months to process the images. If you have a session and need your images sooner, ask me about my rush processing!
  • When are you available?

    As this is not my primary job, most of my availability is on weekends. When you are inquiring about an appointment, be sure to send 2-3 dates and times that work for your family, and I will pick the one that suits me best!